Agraphobia Symptoms

Symptoms of agraphobia

It is time to get help with your agraphobia symptoms!

There a number of symptoms that could signify agraphobia in an individual. Just like other phobias which can lead to extreme anxiety, agraphobia often causes an individual to feel breathless, nauseous, anxious and otherwise out of control. The primary symptom of agraphobia is associated with their fear and anxiety over the risk of sexual abuse but any of the following symptoms may also be exhibited in an individual suffering from agraphobia:

  • trouble leaving home for fear of attack
  • difficulty being in public for fear of sexual attack
  • fear of falling asleep for risk of potential sexual attack
  • fear of sexual activity even with a loved one
  • restlessness associated with working overtime to ensure safety
  • inability to maintain a relationship
  • fear of any sexual intimacy
  • panic attacks
  • rapid heartbeat
  • perspiration
  • trembling

The symptoms of agraphobia will differ from one individual to the next depending on whether the agraphobia was caused by trauma, sexual abuse or another situation. Some people who have agraphobia will have fear of being out in public. This fear is the result of them believing that being in public makes them more vulnerable to sexual attack. Other people who suffer from agraphobia may even suffer great fear when they are at home.

If you are showing symptoms of agraphobia, you may lock the doors multiple times at home and still feel the need to double check them for fear of being sexually attacked. You may refrain from being intimate with others and have difficulty maintaining a balanced relationship. At night, you may have nightmares and find it difficult to sleep because your fears and anxiety make it seem impossible to rest.

In public, agraphobia sufferers may avoid situations in which they are involved with others. They may work to avoid being alone in public in an elevator, office, or store. Agraphobia can cause social anxiety and lead to extreme challenges in socializing and developing healthy relationships.