What is Agraphobia?


Don’t let agraphobia get the best of you!

Agraphobia is characterized by an intense fear of sexual abuse which can cause an individual to stay remotely close to home, may cause outbursts in public and creates intense anxiety in situations in which there is a potential for any sexual involvement. People who suffer from agraphobia will have extreme fear of being raped, molested, sexually attacked or otherwise involved in a sexually abusive relationship.

The level of fear that people who suffer from agraphobia suffer from is so severe that they act irrationally and will go through great lengths to prevent the perceived risk of sexual abuse. Women who suffer from this condition may have extreme fear of being alone with a man either at work, in an elevator or in any situation for fear of sexual attack. Men who suffer from agraphobia may not feel comfortable being around women in general or may even fear other men for the same reasons.

How Common is Agraphobia?

Although agraphobia is not as common as certain other mental or sexual health disorders, this condition does occur in a number of people and is more common than one would think. Effectively hundreds of thousands of people have fear of sexual abuse, being fondled or molested, raped or otherwise abused sexually and they are so afraid of these situations that their lives a permanently disrupted as a result of their fears.

Is there Treatment?

If you are unreasonably afraid of being sexually attacked or abused in some way, you may be suffering from agraphobia. This condition most often affects people who have not suffered any past sexual abuse and who have very little reason to be afraid of such a situation. Agraphobic people can get help but the first step is diagnosis and this can take time. Treatment for agraphobia most often includes:

  • hypnoanalysis or hypnotherapy
  • neuro-linguistic programming
  • energy psychology

There are also medications that may be effective at helping an individual to relax which can help to reduce their fears of sexual abuse. A doctor of counselor will have to prescribe a medication for you if there is a medication that can help. Keep in mind that medications can alter your judgment and your mood and they have potential risks which you should be prepared to discuss with your doctor.

If you suffer from agraphobia, help is available and you should know that you are not alone! There are many people just like you that are suffering from their fear of sexual abuse. You should not be afraid or embarrassed to come forward about your fears and talk to a psychiatrist, doctor or counselor about your fears. Sometimes, just talking about your fears will help you to feel better and even if talking about the fear doesn’t help, medications, therapy and support will!